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Dog sport

Before my girlfriend and I bought our house, we already knew we wanted a dog together. In June 2006 we bought our own house and one month later we bought our dog. It was a male German Shepherd named Aron. At first he was a nice little puppy. He ate some and slept some. But after a while he become bigger and started to behave very different and for sure not easy. That's why we deceided to go to a dog school. From that moment on, the search for a school could begin.

In August 2006 we found one 2km from our home named "De Duitse Speurder" (DDS) This club used to be a VVDH club but in 1982 all breeds are allowed at this club. In the mean time, Aron was alredy 11 months old and we deceided to buy anohter dog. Ofcourse it was another German Shepherd, but this time a femal dog. We baught her from the kennel "vom Ratsenheim". Flipsy vom Ratsenheim is her name, but we call her Fiona.

In my younger years I never had some interest in dog sport, but the longer I trained our dogs, the more fascination in got for this sport. With DDS we also trained the Sch├╝tzhund (SchH) program, but it was an outdated version. Other then the real SchH program, we only trained obedience. Rarely we did man work and searching. When Aron was almost 3 years old, I went searching for the first time. I regret this because of the growing interest in the sport you want to do all these things too.
DDS wasn't connected to the VVDH (Uninon for Germans Shepherd Dogs in Belgium) or the K.K.U.S.H. and because of this, there were no real contests. Due to this, the certificates we earned were from no real value and we couldn't compete in games with other clubs as well.

By watching SchH movies on the internet I got more and more intention to do all of this. At that moment, I started the search for anohter dog training club that was connected to the VVDH. I went to some clubs to watch the training and I eventually became member of De Moedige Herdershond in As. (little town 12km from my house.) This was in the beginning of December 2008.
So after 3 years we changed DDS for a VVDH-club.

Once I trained with DMH, I immediately noticed that our dogs had a big arrears. They almost hadn't any experience with the searching, and also the bite work wasn't as it's supposed to be. The obedience wasn't good enough too. Our dogs needed to watch me during the exercises, something they hadn't done since the start of their education. It was a hard job to do. In the mean time it all goes a little bit better, but surely not perfect...

In March 2009 my club asked me if I wanted to try to be the bite man in our club. I had done some bite work on the previous club, but this wansn't to compare with this bite work. With some doubts, I agreed to do the job. I was very glad with this proposal, but ofcourse it's always a little weird when you are "new" in a club. Special thanks herefor goes to Valenin Avermate, Guido Nuttin and Jozef Smeers for the help and support they gave me. For sure, I'm grateful to all the members of our club too because I could "use" their dogs to learn the job. Last but not least thanks to my girlfriend who gives me all the time to practice my sport.

Thanks to all of this, I succeeded in the final exam for my brevet of bite man from the VVDH and KKUSH on the 13th February 2010. I will post some pictures of our dogs in action later on, but I still have to make them.

© 2011
Tom Maenen